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Safeguarded Planet

An amazing opportunity for both you and the environment. Because every action counts.


A 360 degree protection

Pre installed tempered glass, protective transparent silicone case and a 46 point check-up as standard


Safeguard our environment

Our Preserve & Protect products may show some minor wear & tear. However, your purchase will enable protection of our planet’s resources.


1 year warranty period

Should an issue occur, bak2 will take care of everything with it’s customer care service based in France.

When purchasing a Preserve & Protect product you contribute to the circular economy.

The choice of responsible consumption is beneficial for both the environment as well as the community. The carbon footprint from your device is reduced compared to a fully refurbished device and promotes good practice. As a responsible company bak2 will always ensure that we promote  the platform to protect the environment for future generations.

Our products are fully cleaned and disinfected for your safety.

All our smartphones are tested, checked and certified by our experts which includes a 46 point check-up, data clearance, and a diagnostic report provided by our technical centre based in France, as well as a 12 months warranty to give you piece of mind.

Package content : contains a used Smartphone with sim extractor showing moderate signs of wear & tear inclusive of pre installed tempered glass (hardness index 9H) and a transparent Silicone protective case.

All the Preserve & Protect products are sim free and fully compatible with all networks.

Premium Refurb


Perfect aesthetic

It will be near impossible for you to differentiate the aesthetic of our Premium Products from that of a new product.


Product ready to use

Included in all our premium products are new accessories (charger, earphones, USB cable and a sim extractor).


Safeguard our Planet

Our Premium products are all pre-used. Your purchase will therefore enable you to preserve the natural resources of our planet for future generations.


1-year warranty period

Should an issue occur, bak2 will take care of everything with its customer support team based in France.

Communicate smart in peace.

If you want a smartphone without breaking the bank, bak2's Premium range is for you.


All our smartphones are tested, checked and certified by our experts with Bak2Doctor which includes a 46 point check-up, data clearance, and a diagnostic report provided by our technical team based in France.

Should an issue arise, no problem. A 12-month warranty period comes with your purchase to give you piece of mind. All you need to do is contact our customer support team in France.

Package content : A smartphone with near perfect aesthetics as well as new accessories (charger, earphones, USB cable and sim extractor).

All our Premium range products are sim free and fully compatible with all networks